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Police Officer Puts Homeless Woman In A Hotel On A Frigid Night

A police officer's act of kindness toward a homeless woman has recently gone viral.

The temperature in Brookhaven, Georgia, dropped to 35 degrees during the week of Nov. 23, according to The Weather Channel, and that was bad news for an elderly homeless woman identified as Gloria. 

As winter sets in, some of the most vulnerable can get left out in the cold, but some concerned citizens called 911 to alert officers that Gloria wasn’t wearing weather-appropriate clothing.

“Gloria was wearing short sleeves and she had no jacket or no cold weather gear,” Brookhaven Police Department wrote in a post on their Facebook page on Nov. 23.

“Officer B. Fleming enforced common sense and took it upon himself to pay for a room in a Brookhaven hotel to give Ms. Gloria a warm place to sleep for the night," the post continues.

T police department added that “[t]hese are the types of gestures that makes Officer Fleming an exceptional officer but most importantly….a human being."

Though it’s unclear where Gloria is now, several commenters on the post offered to donate clothes to those in need -- including Gloria.

The Facebook post has received over 300 "likes" and 19 "shares" as of this writing.

Sources: Brookhaven Police Department/Facebook, The Weather Channel / Photo Credit: Brookhaven Police Department/Facebook

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