Police Officer Helps Kids Fix Broken Bicycle After Receiving Call About A Fight (Photo)

A photo of a Connecticut police officer helping a group of kids fix a bicycle has gone viral.

Ansonia police officer Michael Castillo received a call about kids fighting outside of a local Target store, WTNH reported. But when he arrived at the scene, he saw something different.

“I said, ‘Hey, are you guys fighting?’ They said, ‘No, we’re friends,’” Castillo told the news station. “Then I saw one of the bikes was broken, and the kid said, ‘my bike is broken,’ so I just got down and fixed it.”

Officer Castillo reportedly grabbed tools from his car and got to work. A passerby snapped a photo of the police officer helping the children.

“I don’t know who this officer is, I just want somebody to give him kudos for this good thing that he did,” Faith Taylor said.

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She posted the photo on the Ansonia Police Department Facebook page on Monday and it’s already received hundreds of shares and likes.

Taylor captioned the photo:

Not sure what officer this is, but it's nice to see an officer in a good and kind way. This guy takes ‘to serve and protect’ to heart... He was driving the #5 SUV cruiser. This was right in front of Target at about 8:00 pm! Give this guy some kudos!

The photo made its way back to Castillo’s family in New York state.

“It feels great. It really does,” Castillo said. “There is so much negativity in police work everywhere, just to get this one thing, it’s so small to me, I was just helping a kid out, but it’s big to everybody else. I think this shows a positive outlook on police work.”

Locals sent the news station more photos of Castillo, also known as Officer Mike, playing basketball with kids.

“If you can get in good with the kids, I think it’s the most important,” Castillo added. “When I was a kid, I looked up to police officers, and I want that same thing.

“I did not expect anything to blow up like this. It feels great. It’s put a big smile on my face.”

Sources: WTNH, Connecticut PostFacebook

Photo Credit: Facebook


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