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Police Officer Buys Groceries For Elderly Woman (Video)

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A police officer in Gainesville, Georgia, was praised after going above and beyond and buying groceries for an elderly woman (video below).

On Sept. 13, Officer Kristen Miller responded to a welfare check on a 92-year-old Gainesville woman after the woman’s family became concerned when her power went out. When Miller arrived at the woman’s home, she discovered the food in the refrigerator had spoiled and that the woman had run out of water.

Miller, along with Cpl. Jessica Van, decided to take matters into their own hands to help out.

“Cpl. Van stayed with the female while Officer Miller went to the store and purchased some consumable items and water with her personal money,” the Gainesville Police Department wrote on its Facebook page.

“The elderly female and her family were very grateful for Officer Miller's selfless act and were glad to have her respond the way she did. This is what 90% of police work is about. We are PROUD to SERVE.”

Miller’s good deed quickly went viral, with many praising her for her actions.

“Proud of you Officer Miller. You are the best example to other police officers. God bless you officer Miller,” one reader commented.

“A blessing to have police officers with compassion. Thank you officer Miller!” another wrote.

Sources: WSBTV, Facebook / Photo credit: WSBTV


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