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Police: Michigan Man Posted His Speeding Videos On Facebook (Video)

The Michigan State Police claim that Mark Whittaker posted videos of himself driving over 150 MPH in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, on Facebook (video below).

Whittaker allegedly filmed himself with his cellphone and steered with his knees on U.S. Highway 131.

The Michigan State Police claim the videos included captions such as: "Actually it may have been closer to 150" and "2015 Mustang GT frickin rocks."

State police say Whittaker admitted to it all on Monday night at his home in Portage, Michigan, however, Whittaker has not released a statement.

"You know, he really had no excuse other than, you know, he likes to drive fast and likes these performance vehicles," Michigan State Police Paw Paw Post Commander Lt. Dale Hinz told WWMT. "It's a complete disregard for public safety to be out there."

The Michigan State Police say it's up to the Kalamazoo County Prosecutor to press charges.

It's not clear exactly how Whittaker was originally brought to the attention of the police, but recently reported that Facebook uses software to flag conversations and a Facebook employee then decides whether or not to contact authorities (video below).

Facebook's software scanning program reportedly focuses on users with loose relationships and looks for certain words.

Sources: WWMT, via YouTube / Photo Credit: WWMT Screenshot


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