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Police: Man Stopped Traffic To Moon Officers (Video)

Police say that Clinton Sizemore, Jr. recently stopped traffic to drop his pants and bare his behind to cops and 911 workers in Manchester, Kentucky (video below).

On surveillance video from two camera angles, a figure is seen stopping a truck, getting out, bending over and making some kind of gesture toward the police station, notes WYMT.

According to the cops, Sizemore slapped his own buttocks, gave the finger, got back in his vehicle and drove off.

Sizemore was subsequently charged by police for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and reckless driving.

In more odd crime news, Cody Morris was arrested April 18 for allegedly filling a water cup with soda at a McDonald's in Springdale, Arkansas.

The McDonald's manager told police that three people went through the drive-thru, requested large waters, parked their car, came inside the restaurant, poured out the water and filed the cups with soda, notes KHBS.

According to the manager, he told the three suspects to return the soda and two did. However, Morris allegedly did not.

Morris and the other two suspects reportedly tried to drive away, but the manager said that he attempted to stop them from leaving.

The manager recalled that the car hit him. He tried to get the key out of the ignition, but got hit on the hand and struck by the vehicle again.

The manager called the police to report the incident, and the cops found the car at a bowling alley where they arrested the driver, Morris, according to the police report.

Morris was charged with felony robbery and booked into jail April 19. reports that the cost of a McDonald’s large soda is $1.49, which does include unlimited refills.

The fast-food giant announced April 18 that it was going to offer all-you-can-eat French Fries to customers at some locations.

The news site also reports that Springdale has a violent crime and property crime rate that is lower than the average of the entire state.

Sources: WYMT,, KHBS / Photo credit: WYMT/YouTube

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