Police: Man Shouted Racist Insults, Pulled Gun On Woman

Police: Man Shouted Racist Insults, Pulled Gun On Woman Promo Image

An 18-year-old man allegedly shouted racial insults and pulled a shotgun on two women in Daytona Beach, Florida, on July 3.

According to the Daytona Beach Police Department, Antoinette Saintvil and Salnave Guillaume told police that William Ramey pulled in front of the van that Saintvil was driving and hit his brakes, notes the Orlando Sentinel.

An unidentified witness told authorities that Saintvil and Guillaume exited the van and began yelling at Ramey.

The police report noted that Ramey called Saintvil a racial slur, pointed a gun at Saintvil and Guillaume, and threatened to shoot them.

Saintvil and Guillaume drove the van to a gas station where they called 911, while Ramey drove off in his Ford truck, according to the police report.

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When Ramey was stopped by police around noon, he reportedly told the cops that he was not having a good day and almost had to shoot a "coon" at a bank.

Alcohol, two guns, and 3 grams of marijuana were found inside Ramey's vehicle, according to the police report. Ramey was charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Ramey was booked at the Volusia County Jail and later released.

An analysis by the Southern Poverty Law Center noted there has been an increase in racially motivated right-wing hate crimes in the U.S. that correlates with President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and election.

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Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the SPLC and author of its "Year in Hate" report, gave a two-hour briefing about the uptick in violence, noted AlterNet in February:

There’s something going on right now in our country that’s really dramatic. Just a few weeks ago we had 63 different bomb threats phoned in to various Jewish community centers and synagogues around the country. In the last month or so, we’ve seen two mosques burned to the ground.

The one in Victoria, Texas, burned just a couple of hours after the Trump administration announced the executive orders that comprised the so-called Muslim ban.

Late last fall, we saw a major plot by three members of a radical anti-government group called the Kansas Security Force, with a subgroup called the Crusaders, who actually plotted to load four different vehicles with high explosives, park them on the four corners of a large apartment complex housing Somali Muslim immigrants in Garden City, Kansas, and to kill them all.

Potok suggested that Trump had opened the door to increased animosity toward minorities in the country:

I think what has happened is that the Trump campaign, in many ways, has kind of ripped the lid off Pandora’s Box, and all of these different kinds of hatreds have escaped, and it’s pretty damn near impossible to get them back into the box.

One of the things that was most remarkable about the hate crime, the bias incidents we saw immediately after the election, was they targeted virtually every minority out there -- Jewish people, immigrants, Muslims, LGBT people, Latinos, and also a non-minority, women. That was quite specific to Trump and his attitudes towards women and the kinds of ideas that he promoted.

Sources: Orlando Sentinel, AlterNet / Photo Credit: Bobby Hidy/Flickr, Kartouche/Wikimedia Commons, Turnbull35/Wikimedia Commons

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