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Police Investigating Disturbing Viral Image (Photo)

A Facebook post showing a toddler holding a handgun is being investigated by Chicago police.

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Local community activist Andrew Holmes alerted the police after the picture was sent to him by an anonymous source, reports WLS.

"Whether it's an air gun or a real gun in her hand, she's taking a selfie with a man and she's got her trigger finger on the trigger," Holmes said.

He added: "If she goes to a relative's house and there's an unsecured gun, she's going to put her hand on it because, guess what, you taught her to put her hand on it. We have to protect our children if other people don't want to protect them. This is something that will cause this little girl to lose her life, but it wouldn't be her fault. There will be blood on your hands."

Holmes is on the board of Operation Restoring Innocence, which summarizes his biographical information:

Mr. Holmes is a well-known community activist in the Chicago land area whose tireless effort and tenacity to fight violent crimes against the community has led to the safe recovery of several missing and endangered children throughout the city of Chicago and in Cook County. In September of 2011, Andrew was the recipient of the 2011 Crime Stoppers award. On February 19, 2014, Cook County Board Commissioners passed a resolution recognizing Andrew for his work with the FBI and Chicago Police Department in assisting with the recovery of young victims of kidnapping and human trafficking. Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel proclaimed February 26, 2014 to be “Andrew Holmes Day” in the city of Chicago.

As of March 23, Chicago police investigators were trying to determine where the post and picture originated. They have not yet determined if the gun in the photo is real.

"The majority of all child and teen gun deaths happen in a home; it’s even more for our youngest children," according to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The notes that "1,700,000 children live with unlocked, loaded guns."

The Children's Defense Fund provides further statistics: "One child or teen dies from a gun every 3 hours and 28 minutes. Gun violence saturates our children’s lives and remain the second leading cause of death for children and teens ages 1-19. More children and teens die from guns every three days than died in the Newtown massacre. The number of children under five killed by guns in 2014 was higher than the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty that same year."

Sources: WLS, Operation Restoring Innocence, Children's Defense Fund (2), Brady Center / Photo credit: Facebook via CBS

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