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Police Investigate 'NO MORE CHINESE' Graffiti As Hate Crime

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The San Francisco, California, police department is currently investigating racist, anti-Chinese graffiti in the context of a hate crime.

The graffiti was discovered by Vickie Chau's father on Sunday morning on University Street, CBS News reported. The words “NO MORE CHINESE” were written on a white fence.

Chau immediately posted the graffiti to Facebook and later discovered more of the hateful language throughout the neighborhood. Chau received similar pictures from other members of the Portola neighborhood, which contains a large Asian population.

“I’ve seen graffiti in my neighborhood before, but never with this type of message,” Chau told CBS News. “Overall based on the messages I’ve received, the community has been supportive and wants to find the culprit.”

According to Chau, many of her neighbors have painted over the “NO” part of the graffiti to make the message more positive.

Chau’s post has been shared over 1,000 times. It has also garnered the attention of blogs like Angry Asian Man, which raised awareness of the graffiti with a post on Monday.

Grace Gatpandan, a police spokesperson, noted that investigators are treating the vandalism as a hate crime, according to SF Gate.

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Sources: CBS News, SF Gate

Photo Credit: The Chronicle, Henry/Twitter


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