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Stranger's Touching Note To Police Officer Prompts 'Social Media Task Force' Search

Police in Denver, Colorado, say they are searching for a woman who left an incredible note on one officer’s patrol car thanking him for his service following the killing of an officer in her hometown of San Jose, California.

Denver Police Lt. Dik Kushdilian says he saw the note on his car and was instantly expecting it to be negative, but when he opened it up, he was surprised to see that it expressed heartfelt gratitude for his service.

“Dear Officer, I'm from San Jose, California, and we lost an amazing asset to our team last week,” the note reads. “Thank you for risking your life everyday for my safety. You're important and I'm super thankful for you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. God Bless, Lauren.”

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Kushdilian says that he immediately knew that Lauren was referencing the killing of San Jose Officer Michael Johnson just a week prior, and even though he didn’t know Johnson personally, he was affected by the cop’s death.

“I knew what she was talking about instantly,” Kushdilian said, according to 7News Denver. “I thought to myself, this person doesn't know me, doesn't know who I am, doesn't know that I work for Denver.  All they know is I'm a police officer and as far as I'm concerned they didn't write the note to me personally, they wrote it to all of us.”

Denver police immediately took to social media to try and track Lauren down, and when their search yielded little results locally, they turned to police in San Jose, California, for help.

“Lauren demonstrated extreme kindness and love toward our brother officer, Michael Johnson," San Jose Sgt. Enrique Garcia told the San Jose Mercury News. "Denver PD went out of their way in an effort to identify Lauren and we are grateful to them. Now San Jose PD is joining this 'social media task force' to help identify her. We want to let Lauren know that she rocks and we are grateful by the manner she honored Mike.”

While the search for Lauren is ongoing, Kushdilian says he now carries the note with him beneath his badge wherever he goes.

Sources: 7News Denver, San Jose Mercury News  / Photo Sources: 7News Denver, San Jose Mercury News

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