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Plus-Size Woman Denied Entrance To Dressing Room (Video)

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Canadian woman and YouTuber Shiann Friesen was shocked when a female employee refused to let her try on clothes because of her weight.

Friesen was filming herself shopping when the incident occurred at her local Walmart. Friesen was carrying a handful of clothes, which were all her size, when she was stopped by a female employee before she could try them on.

The employee then told Friesen that she couldn’t try the clothes on because she would stretch and ruin them – that’s when Friesen began recording the shocking conversation with her phone, says Daily Mail.

“Don’t try to put something on that’s obviously not going to fit, that’s all I’m asking,” the employee says.

The employee then takes the hangers out of Friesen’s hands.

“Don’t stretch it,” the woman says, according to College Candy.

“I’m not trying to be impertinent or anything.”

Friesen then returned to her car and recorded a clip of herself. She noted that she was shocked and “taken aback” by the employee’s behavior. Friesen also noted that some employees had been rude to people who looked like they identified as male but were trying on female clothing.

Friesen argued that she had certainly experienced discrimination.

Friesen later explained that she promised the employee she was going to buy the sweater, and the employee finally let her into the dressing room but asked her not to try it on. When Friesen tried on the sweater and said that it fit fine, the employee began arguing with her.

The employee noted that she was following company policy – however, Friesen later confirmed that it was not Walmart’s policy to deny someone entrance into a dressing room for that reason.

Friesen said that she later complained to management, but little action was taken.

Sources: DailyMail, College Candy / Photo Credit: ShiCurves

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