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Playboy Playmate In Hot Water After Fat Shaming Woman

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A Playboy Playmate has come under fire on social media, after fat shaming another woman at the gym.  

Dani Mathers, who was Playboy Playmate of the Year 2015, was working out at an LA Fitness in Los Angeles, she snapped an unflattering photo of an unsuspecting naked woman showering, reports Daily Mail.  

The caption on the photo reads:  "If I can't unsee this then you can't either!"  

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The Playboy model posted the photo on Snapchat for the world to see, and quickly bore the brunt of the public's outrage.  

Slamming her actions on Twitter, Hollie Taylor wrote: "@DaniMathers it's people like you that make others feel uneasy about changing openly in locker rooms. appalling."

While Priscilla Sanchez added: "@DaniMathers that poor woman's naked body is now circulating the internet when she never intended it to. It's really heartbreaking."

Holly Taylor added: "im grossed out you would post a photo of a naked woman's body in a locker room saying 'you can't unsee this' wow."

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Mathers, who has 553,000 followers on Instagram, more than 1 million on Facebook and 75,000 on Twitter, shared the following message in a video on her Snapchat Story: 

I just want to acknowledge a photo that I accidentally posted. It was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do.  I chose to do what I do for a living because I love the female body and I know body shaming is wrong, that's not what I'm about and this is not the type of person I am.  The photo was taken as part of a personal conversation with a girlfriend and because I am new to Snapchat, I didn't realize I had posted it, and that was a huge mistake.  I know I have upset a lot of people out there but please believe me this is not the type of person that I am.  I have never done this before and I will never do this again, you have my word.

Mathers also took to Twitter to apologize, writing in separate tweets: 

I want to acknowledge my post from Snapchat earlier.  There is no excuse...I understand fully the magnitude of this post and that I have hurt... A lot of people, women. Body shaming is not okay, and is nothing to joke about... This was meant to be a part of a private conversation that… Never should have happened. There are no words to describe how deeply sorry I am for hurting and offending you all. Women make my world go... Around, I respect women, I surround myself with women and I completely understand the magnitude of this post. Please please please know... How upset I am with myself and take my word that this won't happen again. I love and appreciate every one of you and know that everyone... Is beautiful in their own way... That's what makes us all so special... I can't undo this mistake, but I ask your forgiveness... This mistake has truly made me realize that something that can seem silly in a private conversation isn't unnecessary. All I've done here is... Spread negativity and hate when that isn't who I am. I chose to model because I appreciate women and their bodies, so me of all people... Should never make light of another woman's naked body.

Mathers ended her apology with: "I'm sorry for what I did... I need to take some time to myself now to reflect on why I did this horrible thing. Goodnight."

Some on Twitter were sympathetic, and defended Mathers' actions.

Gary G wrote:  "Dani...its ok…"

Sabrina Lynn added: "You guys act like you've never once made a mistake. @DaniMathers Your character shines way brighter than this one mistake, shake it off." 

But others are still fuming. One anonymous source told the Daily Mail, "It's bad enough that women have to deal with rape culture on a daily basis. But to be violated on such a humiliating and visceral level, by one of our own -- is so incredibly disappointing. This is just about the cruelest, meanest thing a woman could do to another woman. The victim is at the gym, trying to better herself, in a place that should be a safe place, and this Playmate with tremendous social influence and privilege took it upon herself to shame her in the grossest and most violating of ways."

No official comment yet from either Mathers or LA Fitness, although Mathers' Twitter account appeared to have been deleted on July 14.

Sources: Daily Mail, Dani Mathers/Twitter / Photo credit: Dani Mathers/Snapchat via Daily Mail

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