'I'm Just Appalled': Family Catches Pizza Hut Employee Fondling Himself Before Serving Meal (Photo)


A family was horrified when they spotted a server at Pizza Hut fondling his crotch right before serving them.

A photo of the worker, posted by mother Sandy Breitlinger, showed the worker with his hand down his pants while serving food to customers.

“My daughter and her friend were in line waiting on our Pizza and the guy there kept his hand down his pants playing with himself the whole time," Breitlinger wrote alongside the picture on the restaurant’s Facebook.

“The girls actually took pictures while that [sic] sat there," her post continued. "They called to ask for a manager to let him know what occurred and spoke to a Zack, who informed them he was the manager and he’d speak with the other guy.”

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Breitlinger said that her daughter and the other girl both believed that Zack was actually the man fondling himself.

“I pray that he is NOT making the pizza! We did NOT eat the pizza, in fear that he did fondle himself and obviously he’s NOT washing his hands,” Breitlinger wrote.

“I’m just appalled that my child and her friend had to witness this!" she added. "We have more photos and would like to be contacted by some ASAP! This was the Boston Road Location! Please list a name and number that I may call please!”

Sources: Metro, Reddit

Photo Credit: imgur.com


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