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Alaska Church Tips Pizza Delivery Man $1,900

An Alaska man got the tip of a lifetime from a local church after the pastor heard he had fallen on hard times.

Kenneth Felber, 53, has been delivering pizza in Anchorage, Alaska, for more than 10 years, KTUU reports. During that time, he said the biggest tip he ever got was for $100, but that is nothing compared to the tip he received on Oct. 18.

Pastor Dan Krause of Chugach Covenant Church reportedly heard that Felber was struggling to pay his medical bills and asked his congregation to help give the delivery man a generous tip to help him out.

When Felber arrived at Begich Middle School on Oct. 18 to deliver pizza, he walked onstage to a standing ovation and Krause presented him with a tip of $1,900.

While on stage, Krause asked Felber what the biggest tip he ever received was, to which he said it was around $100. The pastor then handed him a check and said, “How does a tip of $1,900 sound?”

“We don’t have a ton of really wealthy people, what we have is really generous people,” Krause told KTUU. “People who recognize they’ve been given a lot and they want to give back some.

"While I was hoping for $1,000, our congregation put together $1,900 without even knowing this was going to come.”

Felber said the generosity caught him off guard and that knowing people care means the world to him.

“Biggest tip ever,” he said. “I’m just going to be glowing the rest of the day, the rest of the week.”

Sources: KTUU, The Independent / Photo credit: KTUU


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