'Pitch Perfect' Fans Angry At Photo Of Rebel Wilson (Photos)

Fans of "Pitch Perfect" were up in arms when they saw what star Rebel Wilson was wearing on set for the series' third movie. Now, costume designer Sal Perez has responded to the outrage.

The controversy started on March 24, when 37-year-old Wilson posted a photo on social media alongside "Pitch Perfect 3" co-stars Brittany Snow and Chrissie Fit, part of the movie's singing group known as The Barden Bellas. All three wore sailor-inspired costumes featuring a red and white-striped top and tight black pants, with red lipstick and curls piled atop their heads.

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But internet users quickly noticed something about the image. Snow and Fit wore sleeveless halter tops, while Wilson's scoop-neck shirt featured short sleeves. Was Wilson, who has a lot more curves than the other two actresses, pressured to wear a different outfit than her thinner co-stars?

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"No one else is wondering why she's the only one not wearing the cute halter top??" one Instagram user commented on the picture. "Instead she's got long sleeves?"

Another wrote that Wilson should have been given "the same" top as the other girls.

"We all know you are the most delicious chick there," she added.

But others didn't buy it and saw no problem with the group wearing different types of shirts. To them, it did not constitute any kind of subtle shaming.

"I love the shirt," said another person. "Also, as a plus sized woman, I would have chosen [to wear] sleeves, halter tops are insanely uncomfortable and I mean that sleeved shirt is way cuter. Instead of trying ... to make this about how she's being forced to wear a sleeved shirt, maybe think that she chose to?"

While most of the show's stars wore the halter-style top, a photo with more cast members shows that Wilson was not the only one to wear sleeves. Ester Dean also had a short-sleeved outfit, while others had tops that were cut differently.

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After much speculation, the show's head costume designer, Sal Perez, weighed in to dispel the fat-shaming rumors once and for all.

"I let each actor decide how their costume fit, it was their choice, Rebel, Ester & Hana Mae wanted sleeves, #sleevegate," Perez wrote in a series of tweets. "To me it is about dressing women however they look and feel great, whatever size they are. It's about choice, confidence and style!"

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