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Pit Bull Took A Bullet To The Head For His Owner, Now He's Homeless

A senior pit bull who took a bullet for his owner is now homeless and looking for a loving family.

The Dodo reports that in 2012, loyal dog Kiko jumped in front of a bullet to save his owner from a home invasion. A man who said he was a UPS driver tried to break into Kiko and his owner's Staten Island, New York, home. Kiko tried to stop the man, who shot the brave dog in the head.

Miraculously, the bullet somehow ricocheted off the elderly terrier's skull, and the dog recovered.
Devastatingly, less than a year after the dog was shot, hard times forced the owner to move out of his home, and he could not take the life-saving dog with him.

After Kiko circulated local kill-shelters, folks at Mighty Mutts, a no-kill cat and dog rescue, got wind of Kiko's story and took him in, saving him from a system that would likely euthanize the 14-year-old dog.

However, the shelter workers noticed something was off about the poor pup.

"The first few weeks of adoption drives, it was obvious that Kiko was very confused, and just seemed to be looking for his owner," Jill Haynes of Mighty Mutts said. "Initially we thought he was a little shut down, but after a bit of time we realized he was actually just completely deaf."

Once the volunteers figured this out, they got to see more of the pit bull's sweet personality.

"Kiko responds to touch rather than sound, and like most dogs enjoys a good back scratch," Haynes explained. "He is a more reserved dog than some of our others, which causes him to get overlooked frequently at adoption drives. But when he bonds with a volunteer and leans his head in for pets and scratches, it is the most endearing thing in the world."

When people get to know Kiko, they learn that the leash-trained, well-behaved dog is upbeat and goofy for a senior, although the brave pup is getting a little old for stairs, according to Mighty Mutt's Facebook posting. The shelter is looking to home the hero in a local New York residence where he can be the center of attention.

Sources: The Dodo, Mighty Mutts Facebook
Photo Credit: Mickey Z/Mighty Mutts Facebook


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