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Pit Bull Helps Injured Deer Tangled In Fence (Video)


Amazing video was captured of a dog helping a deer that got stuck in a fence.

Gotti, a pit bull, spotted the helpless deer stuck in a fence in Greenville, New York, and immediately began alerting his owners. While the humans sought help, Gotti stayed by the deer's side and comforted it. The video shows Gotti smothering the deer in kisses and staying close to it, making sure that the terrified deer was alright.

When help finally arrived, the deer was untangled from the fence as Gotti stayed by its side every step of the way. When the deer was finally free, it refused to be separated from Gotti. Animal control subsequently arrived at the scene and brought the deer to a safer area.

Watch the incredible video below.

Sources: Life With Dogs, YouTube / Photo Credit:


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