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Pit Bull Answers Owner's Questions With 'Yes' And 'No,' Nods And Shakes Head (Video)


A Canadian woman is living a dog owner’s dream – being able to communicate with their pet.

The owner shot video (below) of her dog, Czr (pronounced "Caesar"), responding to questions she asks by saying “yes” and “no” as well as shaking and nodding his head. The video shows a number of incidents during which Czr appears to be communicating with his owner.

“Do you want something?” the woman asks in one portion of the video. Czr responds by shaking his head and saying, “No.” She then asks Czr if he’s bored, to which he replies, “Yes.”

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According to the Team Czr Facebook page, the dog learned to communicate through “classic learning theory.”

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Watch Czr talk to his owner in the amazing video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube, Team CZR Facebook / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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