'Pimp My Ride' Contestants: MTV Show Was All A Giant Lie (Photos)

We all know by now that reality shows aren’t “real,” and MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” was no exception.

Hosted by rapper Xzibit, the automotive makeover show, which first aired on MTV in 2004, customized beat-up cars with everything from blaring stereo systems to crazy hydraulics to intricate paint jobs. All the work was supposedly done at the auto body shop West Coast Customs in Southern California.

The Huffington Post is now exposing the program, which aired its final episode in 2007, as fake after speaking to three former contestants and one of the co-executive producers.

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First off, you probably thought the cars stayed in the shop for about a week or two, but the contestants told HuffPost the vehicles remained in the garage for six to seven months before they were given back to their owners.

Other issues that participants complained about include producers removing items from the cars after filming the show, Autoblog notes.

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Season 6 contestant Justin Dearinger claimed in his Reddit AMA that “they actually take out a lot of the stuff that they showed on TV,” like a “pop-up” champagne contraption and a “drive-in theater,” for safety reasons.

They also took out items that “were occasionally put into cars with no intention of them ever working in real life.”

For example, if you remember the cotton candy machine West Coast Customs installed in one of the rides, well according season 6 contestant Seth Martino, "They installed (it to) fit into the trunk without leaving enough room for the dome top to keep the cotton candy strands 'from flying all over the place.’"

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Cinema Blend notes, Martino was also fat-shamed on “Pimp My Ride,” as producers of the show scattered candy all over his car and told viewers he kept it in there in case he got hungry.

"I know it is kind of mean, but I think they just wanted to put a cotton candy machine in a car and used the fat guy as the opportunity to do it,” he said.

Sorry to ruin your pimped out car dreams, but as the saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

Sources: The Huffington PostAutoblogCinema Blend / Photo Credit: PimpMy Ride/YouTube


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