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Pilot Dodges Highway Traffic During Emergency Landing (Video)

Pilot Dodges Highway Traffic During Emergency Landing (Video) Promo Image

The pilot of a Cessna C206 plane made an amazing landing on a highway in Long Island, New York, on July 19 (video below).

The FAA said the pilot made a "precautionary landing" on Sunrise Highway/Route 27, notes KDTV.

According to the FAA, the plane had taken off at the Brookhaven Airport in Shirley and was flying toward Eagles Nest Airport in West Creek, New Jersey.

Motorist Thomas Lupski filmed the plane as it navigated over traffic and touched down.

Lupski told WABC that he slowed down to give the pilot, Jim O'Donnell, plenty of room to land on the highway:

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I called my wife and said you are not going to freaking believe what I just videotaped... It came just over the trees. It was very, very shaky... Everybody behind me was kinda swerving, pulling over, things like that. Everyone did the right thing. They gave him plenty of room. People backed off. When I slowed down, everybody else slowed down and he had plenty of room to land... I think he did a very good job, better than landing in the trees, on a house, a playground, anywhere.

O'Donnell told WABC: "Any landing you can walk away from, brother, is a good one. ... It wasn't good, but here I am. No bent metal."

O'Donnell does not know what caused his mechanical problem.

O'Donnell flew over a highway sign and underneath an overpass before setting the plane down in traffic. His plane was subsequently towed on the highway to Brookhaven Airport.

Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron gave his take on the landing:

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From what we understand, from the preliminary information, is he came in over the street sign that stretches across the westbound Sunrise Highway and was able to land in between that and the overpass. And he came in under the overpass. He kind of threaded the needle there, and it looks like he did a pretty nice job under the circumstances. He didn't hit any cars, and no one got hurt.

Facebook user Kenneth William also filmed part of the landing, and posted it online with a caption: "A plane just landed on sunrise in front of me crazyyy."

Facebook commenters added their thoughts:

[T]his how I'm [getting] around from now on.

At least he pulled over, anyone from out of state would have stayed in the left lane.

Damn the cops are pulling over planes now.

[T]his is what it's like growing up on the east end.

Not to be outdone, Lupski posted a link to his video on William's Facebook page.

Sources: KDTV, WABC, Kenneth William/Facebook / Photo credit: Joao Carlos Medau/Flickr, KDTV, Anthemius Engineers

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