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Pig Wrestlers Vs. Animal Activists At Utah County Fair (Video)

Pig wrestlers had a confrontation with animal rights activists on Aug. 12 at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork, Utah (video below).

About a dozen animal rights demonstrators protested against the controversial pig wrestling event in which a group of people gang up on one pig in a muddy pen and try to shove it into a barrel.

One pig wrestler, who sported a Confederate flag, told KUTV that the pigs enjoy it, and that people get more hurt than the animals. He also claimed that, given a choice, the pigs would choose to be in the event.

Stephanie Alexander, an animal rights protester, claimed that the pigs are traumatized, and the children who take part in the event are learning the wrong lesson about treating animals.

Some of the protesters stepped into the pig wrestling area with their signs, one of which read: “The Utah County Fair is profiting on the exploitation of animals in a cruel manner,” notes Fox 13.

One animal rights protester was tossed over a fence by a pig wrestler, which may result in criminal charges against the pig wrestler, notes KUTV.

Sources: KUTV, Fox 13 / Photo credit: Screenshot KUTV


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