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Photo Of Trump Helping Harvey Victim Is Fake (Photos)

Photo Of Trump Helping Harvey Victim Is Fake (Photos) Promo Image

A fake photo of President Donald Trump leaning over the edge of a raft to help rescue a Hurricane Harvey victim has been circulating online.

The photo, which is clearly digitally altered, shows Trump in a suit and tie reaching over to help a victim into a rescue boat, Snopes reported. It also shows the president without a life vest.

Snopes was able to find the original photo on CNN's website. The unaltered version shows rescuers with the Austin Fire Department saving a man clinging to a chain link fence, surrounded by water.

Trump visited Texas on Aug. 29, and received a lot of criticism for remarking on the size of the crowd while speaking to a group of victims. Some critics also accused him of having a boastful tone when speaking about the powerful and deadly hurricane.

"Thank you everybody. What a crowd! What a turnout!” Trump said while speaking to victims from the back of a fire truck, Deadline reported. “We’re here to take care and it’s going well ... We’re going to get you back and operating immediately."

“I will tell you, this is historic, epic what happened,” Trump continued. “But, you know what? It happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything!”

Trump then praised Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for doing a “fantastic job,” and commended the state's Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn for showing up to the event.

“This was of epic proportions. Nobody has ever seen anything like this. And I just want to say that working with your governor and his entire team has been an honor for us. So, governor, thank you again very much," the president said.

“We want to do it better than ever before,” Trump later said of the relief effort. “We want to be looked at in five years, 10 years from now, as ‘This is the way to do it.'"

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"We won’t say ‘congratulations.’ We don’t want to do that," Trump later told Abbott. "We will congratulate each other when it’s all finished. But you have done terrific. And you been my friend too, for a long time.”

On Sept. 2, ABC News shared a video on Twitter, in which Trump praised the Coast Guard in Texas, but once again slammed the media.

"I hear the Coast Guard saved 11,000 people -- think of it: almost 11,000 people, by going into winds that the media would not go into," the president said. "They will not go into those winds. Unless it's a really good story, in which case they will."

Sources: Snopes, Deadline, ABC News/Twitter / Featured Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr / Embedded Images: Snopes, CNN

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