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Tom Brady's Kiss With Dad Upsets Some (Photo)

A photo of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady kissing his father on the lips after his team's Super Bowl win on Feb. 5 has raised a few eyebrows.

"Idk who tf told you it's ok to kiss your dad on the lips like that," wrote one Twitter user, echoing the sentiments of many who found the picture inappropriate.

Another man said he found the gesture "gross" while one individual called the kiss "weird."

Others defended the kiss.

"I see no reason to hate what he does w/ HIS father," chimed in another. "Same guys probably shy to tell their son, dad, friend or any male I LOVE U."

"Most families do that, since when did that become weird?" chimed in another. "Showing affection to your father is weird?"

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Others, like Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily News, agreed there was nothing wrong with the kiss and that people should instead berate Brady for his other actions. 

"That this kiss may be the single thing about Tom Brady that is 100% unobjectionable," writes Kuntzman, before listing off Brady's various indiscretions, from infidelity, leaving his pregnant girlfriend for a supermodel and more.

"The kiss shows that Brady isn’t afraid to show affection, even to another man," Kuntzman added.

Brady's not the first celebrity to receive backlash for kissing a relative on the lips.

In December 2016, social media users also blasted 29-year-old actress Hilary Duff for kissing her son, 4-year-old Luca, on the lips, the Daily Mail reports. 

"Sickening wow go get some help," commented one Instagram user on the photo of the kiss.

"I could never ever believe anything bad about Hilary not ever! But i do think we should not kiss kids on the mouth i think that's for couples," wrote another Instagram user.

Duff had a message for those posting negative comments.

"For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four-year-old is 'inappropriate' go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment," she posted in response.

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