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Couple Goes Viral For Looking Frighteningly Similar (Photo)

One Massachusetts couple's selfie has left thousands stunned for the strangest reason: the boyfriend and girlfriend look like they could be twins. 

"I need u to look me in my eyes with a straight face and say yall ain't the same person," commented one Twitter user, echoing a sentiment many expressed after seeing the viral photo of 17-year-olds Yamily Vazquez and Edgar Pareves, BuzzFeed reports. 

The two took a Snapchat selfie and uploaded it to Twitter, where it went viral because they look similar.

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"I swear y'all are so cute but you look like twins," wrote one man. 

While the attention was unexpected, the couple say people comment on their resemblance “all the time.”

“In the pictures we take together, people will say that,” Pareves said. “But usually in our day-to-day life, people have gotten used to it.”

Vasquez says she had noticed they looked similar in the photo, but did not think it was a big deal. 

“We did think [the picture] was funny, but it was just like, ‘Okay…people are going to say we look alike,’ but that’s it,” Vazquez said.

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Pareves says he doesn't think they look as similar as the world appears to think.

“I don’t really think we look that much alike .. but there are some similarities, I mean…” the boy said, laughing. “We’re not related at all!” 

While many found the resemblance shocking, most were amused.

"Somebody need to buy these kids a subscription to for Christmas," wrote one Twitter user.

"This the best face swap ALL TIME!" another chimed in.

Some responses were not as lighthearted. A few thought it was inappropriate the two were dating given they look so similar "they must be related." 

A few couldn't see the big deal at all.

"I cant figure out how anyone can say yall look alike caus yall dont," said one woman. "Cute couple tho! N'joy ur youth!"

Sources: BuzzFeed, Yamily Judy/Twitter / Photo credit: Yamily Judy/Twitter via BuzzFeed, Yamily Judy/Twitter

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