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Handwritten Note About Tampons Goes Viral (Photo)

Handwritten Note About Tampons Goes Viral (Photo) Promo Image

An anonymous note found in a public restroom has gone viral.

The message pertained to the price of tampons at the Calgary International Airport, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

A woman named Carlee Field was waiting for a flight from Calgary to Vancouver when she stopped to use the bathroom at the terminal.

Inside, she saw a box of tampons with a note that said all of the tampon dispensing machines were empty, so the box had to be purchased at Relay, a store inside the airport.

The brand, U by Kotex, sells at Target for about $6.99, according to the website Little Things, though the CBC cites an even lower Walmart price of $3.97.

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However, the woman who left the note paid $15 at the airport store.

So, as a gesture of goodwill, she left the opened box in the restroom along with the note, inviting others to help themselves to the tampons.

"None of the tampon vending machines work in this area so I was forced to buy this," she wrote. "$15 box from Relay. Not acceptable! Please take one if you need one."

When Field found the box, she took a picture of it and posted it to Reddit, along with the caption: "Lady bro in the bathroom of the Calgary Airport! I appreciate you!" 

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She added: "I was washing my hands and I looked next to me and was like, 'Oh my gosh, this woman is fantastic.' Us ladies have to stick together with our lady problems."

The image was widely shared, generating a flood of positive replies.

One commenter declared the note-writer to be "the hero we need."

Airport authorities took notice, and replenished the vending machines and lowered the price at the Relay store to $6.25.

At least a few social media users were not impressed with the airport's move, however. One commenter replied: "It really shouldn't have taken you this embarrassment to do so. Perhaps be more decent towards your customers and keep what happened in mind."

The high price at the airport store is not out of the ordinary compared to other locations in Canada.

According to the Moon Time Sisters, a group that collects feminine hygiene products to donate to communities in northern Ontario and Saskatchewan, a box of tampons can cost $19 in those parts of the country.

The high prices particularly affect the indigenous populations, where unemployment and poverty is common.

Moon Time Sisters founder Nicole White said she started the project after hearing about Saskatchewan girls who were missing school during their periods, and who often resorted to using socks as tampon substitutes.

"That is something that's unacceptable to me," she said. "If you're a person who's living under the poverty line, feminine hygiene products are seen as a luxury."

Sources: CBC, Little Things / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Carlee Field/Canadian Press Handout via CBC, Dmitry G/Wikimedia Commons

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