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Ciara And Russell Wilson's Picture Sparks Controversy (Photo)

In anticipation of the birth of their first child together, "1, 2 Step" singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson posed for an intimate maternity photo that is going viral but leaving some people scratching their heads and calling it inappropriate.

The photo features the couple along with Ciara's 2-year-old son, Future Zahir Wilburn, all three of whom have their arms around each other. Ciara wears a pair of white underwear, while her son is naked and his backside is partially exposed. Wilson crouches behind the mother and son, holding her pregnant belly with his face obscured. Ciara posted the image to her Instagram page on March 7 and captioned it, "Just The 4 Of Us."

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Within hours of the upload, more than 604,000 people liked it, but some could not help but think that something very inappropriate appeared to be going on.

"Why is Ciara promoting the next sequel to the Human Centipede?" asked a staff member at SB Nation, drawing comparisons to the 2009 squeamish horror film about three people surgically connected through their gastric systems.

Another asked, "Where is Russell Wilson's head right now?"

Somebody else wondered, "What does the reverse angle of this look like?"

The Instagram world had similar concerns, with one user calling the nude image "disturbing" and another exclaiming that there were simply "TOO MANY LIMBS" jumbled together.

Others questioned whether Future, the father of Ciara's child, had authorized their son to pose naked for a public photo.

"This is def a pic that needs the fathers permission... pure [disrespect]" wrote one Instagram user.

Others said that Future should sue Ciara.

"The nudity is [completely] inappropriate for a child and should be reported," said another user.

However, many others defended the image, saying that they saw a beautiful, artistic photo of a happy family and did not understand the controversy.

"Sick minds have sick thoughts," wrote one supporter. "Diaper commercials show more than this pic. All is see is a mother holding her child. Her husband is behind her supporting the womb he helped create. Nothing more."

Another said that the family took a "gorgeous photo" and should "ignore the haters."

Wilson has been candid about his excitement to be both a father and stepfather but has not weighed in on Future's role in his family's life.

"He's such a special kid and he's so smart," the football player told E! News in 2016 of his stepson. "He's active as can be. He loves sports -- loves running around. I love kids. She does, too, and ... as long as they're healthy, that's what we pray for whether it's a boy or girl -- who knows -- but we've got some time for that."

Sources: SB Nation, Ciara/Instagram, E! News / Photo credit: Ciara/Instagram, Russell Wilson/Instagram

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