Shocking Outfit Spotted At Airport Goes Viral (Photo)


A young woman was pictured checking into a Virgin America flight wearing just a top and her underwear.

The passenger shocked bystanders, one of whom took a photo that quickly went viral — garnering over 90,000 views in 24 hours. 

“Meanwhile at the airport,” the caption on the photo read.

The woman was otherwise well dressed, wearing a beige blazer and a pair of pumps. 

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The photo was posted to Reddit, where many speculated as to why she was dressed in just underwear.

“Is the A/C out or something? The passenger doesn't have pants and the ticketing agent has multiple fans blowing on her,” one user asked.

In a similar vein, a New Jersey man was stunned to meet his “doppelgänger” at Newark airport — a man wearing the exact same outfit. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit, The Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail, The Sun

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