Kushner Mocked On Twitter For Wearing Bulletproof Vest (Photo)


Twitter has targeted a new victim in the Trump campaign.

President Donald Trump's senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner made quite the fashion statement during his first visit to Iraq. Kushner was photographed sporting a personalized bulletproof vest over his navy blue blazer, button-down shirt and khakis, the Daily Mail reported.

Naturally, Twitter users had a field day with the image, with one user calling Kushner's choice of attire "this season's casual war-zone wear."

"The bulletproof vest over the prep blazer is actually very on-trend for Spring," joked one user.

"Jared Kushner wearing his shirt and suit with his khaki bulletproof vest looks like a rich kid on an expensive paintball weekend," tweeted another user.

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"Jared Kushner is faced with big decisions -- none bigger than whether to wear his bulletproof vest over or under his blazer," wrote another.

"Jared Kushner in Iraq, wearing a blazer, sunglasses and a bulletproof vest, looks like he's at a Jason Bourne-themed frat party," observed another tweeter.

Other Twitter users focused on the fact that Kushner had his name taped onto the bulletproof vest.

"Jared Kushner is appropriating early 2000s rap culture by wearing a bulletproof vest that says KUSH on it," quipped one user.

"The bulletproof vest is a good precaution, but if he really didn't want to get shot, he wouldn't have written Jared Kushner on himself," wrote another.

A military spokesman said Kushner was "traveling on behalf of the president to express the president’s support and commitment to the government of Iraq and U.S. personnel currently engaged in the campaign."

Still, Twitter users could not resist the urge to mock Kushner for his questionable fashion choice.

"Preparing to storm Martha's Vineyard," wrote one user.

"This whole family! It's the best since the circus went out of business," wrote another. "Killing me!"

"Very versatile 'I'm sophisticated and like to party, but I can also survive multiple gun shots to the body' look," joked another user. "He owns it."

"When you have war at 7 but a croquet game at 8," tweeted another.

Others made reference to Pepsi's recent ad featuring Kendall Jenner, which sparked controversy after several critics deemed it as an exploitation of resistance movements, particularly the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Someone get [Pepsi] on the phone. We need a crates shipped to the mid-east STAT. J-Kush is gonna solve this ISIS Problem once and for all!" wrote the user.

Pepsi has since pulled the ad, the New York Times reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, David Mack/Twitter, Twitter, The New York Times / Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia/Tabercil, David Mack/Twitter

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