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Video Of Teen Taped To Yield Sign Goes Viral (Video)

A Houston teen was duct-taped to a yield sign and became the focus of a lot of local attention (video below).

Confused Texan drivers didn't know what to make of a young man who had been duct-taped, dangling, about 1 foot off the ground while embracing a yield sign on March 28.

Video of the stunt shows two men wrapping a lot of duct-tape around a third young man as he holds onto a yield sign pole.  

"We're going to tape this boy up!" one of the men said in the video as he worked with two rolls of duct tape, KPRC reports. 

The two men are seen circling the pole with the silver tape, while taunting the teen being suspended. Vehicles pass behind on the street next to the scene.

As soon as the teen seemed to be secure hanging on to the pole, the two men removed the stool he had been standing on so the victim could dangle in the air, his feet kicking.    

At least one witness called the police to report the incident, CBS News reports. 

Confusion reigned when law enforcement officials from the Houston Police Department showed up at the scene and saw a man -- with a knife in hand -- approaching the victim.

"Drop the knife or I'll Tase you," threatened one of the officers to the man with the knife, KHOU reports. 

The man immediately dropped the knife and started explaining to the police officer that the duct-taped young man, 17-year-old Miguel Chavez, was, in fact, his friend. He was merely about to cut him down. 

Chavez admitted to the officers he was taped to the pole after losing a bet on the NBA's Houston Rockets game against the Golden State Warriors that played earlier that day. 

"No one wanted to help me down," Chavez wrote on his Instagram account the following day. 

A video of the prank quickly went viral on social media and had generated 6,100 shares and hundreds of comments by March 30. 

Many followers found the prank funny, but others wondered if the act was illegal. 

Chavez said he didn't get into trouble for prank.

The police helped him get down and even gave him a ride home after giving the group of teens a stiff lecture and warning. 

WARNING: The video contains graphic language.

Sources: CBS News, KHOU, KPRC / Photo credit: Mark Buckawicki/Wikimedia Commons

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