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Photo Of Trump Prayer Circle Going Viral Online

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A photo of President Donald Trump surrounded by family members and close advisers in a prayer circle has gone viral online.  

Facebook user Joshua Feuerstein posted the photo of the presidential prayer circle, which has garnered immediate attention online.

Feuerstein included the following caption to his post: "PRAYER is BACK IN the WHITE HOUSE!!!! Somebody say AMEN and SHARE if you are PROUD to see this happening.  JOIN ----> President Trump's Prayer Team"

Some admonished the president for publicly displaying his faith, such as one user who wrote, "The scripture warns us about those who publicly display their prayers and sound off about what others don't do! A public prayer circle before the media does not a great leader make....and I guess we assume that there was no prayer in the white house until now...we need to look at the fruit that the tree bears whether it is white, black, Republican or Democrat." 

Others were suspicious that the image was a mere photo opportunity that panders to the religious right. 

Another user wrote, "What are a freaking fake. Trump is the farthest thing from a Christian in the entire government and his actions are completely against what Jesus stood for. But hey, if he looks like he's praying, who cares if he brags about assaulting women or letting people suffer. Joshua, you are going to hell and you know it. Selling your sold." 

However, some users defended Trump's prayer circle as a sincere display of faith.  "Some of you people are so sad. You just have a hard time finding anything good in anyone. I'll pray for all of you. I'm proud they took a pic and posted. The good Book also says don't hide your light under a bushel. Let it shine!!!!! So there they are shining," one user wrote. 

"Wow !!! The evil accusations in this thread! No one...I repeat "NO" "ONE" other than God himself knows Donald Trumps heart on the inside or his heartfelt intentions!  Back off! Some of the noise here seams to be coming from those who should know better.  Shut up ! Pray for him ! Let God handle it !!!! God bless you all," wrote another.  

This is not the first time a Trump prayer circle has gone viral.  According to Charisma News, in April 2016, Trump was campaigning with vice presidential hopeful Mike Pence at Liberty University when a pastor asked if he could pray for the candidates. Trump obliged, and the pastor led a prayer which saw both Trump and Pence bow their heads.  

It seems Trump is intent on making faith a part of his campaign. 

Sources: Joshua Feuerstein/Facebook, Charisma News / Photo credit: Joshua Feuerstein/Facebook

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