Cop Taking Photo Of Kid's Decal Goes Viral (Photo)


A cop taking a picture of a humorous decal on the car he stopped has gone viral on social media.

In the picture, which was posted to Imgur and shared on Reddit, the cop's reflection is seen in the window as he is taking a photo of the decal, which reads "LET ME GUESS.. LICENSE & REGISTRATION." The driver appears to be a teenage boy.

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Among the more humorous of the 600-plus comments on Reddit were those making fun of the decal's grammatically-incorrect punctuation.

"Sir, do you know why I pulled you over? You seem to be missing a dot on your ellipsis," joked one user. An even better comedian said: "An ellipsis with only two dots is like a pregnant woman...they're both missing a period."

There are many variations of the same decal for sale online, including on Amazon, eBay, and websites of dealers who specialize in printed stickies.

One person, who has a home-based business making decals, describes her profession in the article on the website Tough Nickel.

"I am a work-at-home mom who makes vinyl decals for a living," she explains. "I love being with my kids and still making money. I don’t make a lot, but I can make a significant amount of cash from home."

But she admits that there are drawbacks to the decal business:

Let me tell you, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not kick-back-and-relax type of job. There is real work involved. You will need to invest in some expensive supplies and equipment, set up your cutter, and use software to design the work. Don’t even think about trying to do this if you don’t already have a computer with design apps and know how to use them. You’ll also need to be an outgoing person in order to make connections with a steady supply of customers and continually expand your network.

However, there's an upside to the occupation, too, as she explains:

This is a fun way to earn a living and not much overhead is needed. Assuming you already have a computer with design and vector-art-making programs, after the initial purchase of your cutter, all you will need is vinyl, app tape, various blades, and motivation. Starting a small home business like this can cost as low at $700.00. I bought my vinyl cutter on Amazon and it came with a design program. Plus, you can work wherever and whenever you want, and how much money you make depends on how much time and energy you put in.

She says the market for decals includes local businesses, fundraisers, parties, school-related events, political events or organizations, and generally anyone who wants labels on their product.

And now, it seems, teenagers who want to amuse cops are a market, also. And if the cop is sufficiently amused, the driver might even get off with just a warning.

Sources: Reddit, Tough Nickel / Photo credit: Pixabay, Pinterest

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