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Photographer Discovers Something Incredible Hidden In Picture (Photos)

An amateur photographer pulled his car over to snap a photo of a striking Italian mountain face, but he had no idea what else he had just captured in his picture (below).

At first glance, the image immortalized by Gianluca Pisano just looks like a sheer face on the Dolomite Alps near San Martino di Castrozza in eastern Italy, but a closer look reveals four determined climbers making their way up the steep ridge, the Daily Mail reports.

Pisano, a 44-year-old computer engineer and amateur photographer from Southern Italy, did not see the climbers, who seem to blend perfectly into the intimidating mountain face, until after he took a few photos.

"I didn't notice the presence of the climbers right away," he said, according to the Daily Mail. "I was driving along a mountain pass looking for a place to take pictures, and I was struck by the grandeur of the mountain with the vertical wall."

There are four climbers, barely visible in Pisano's photo below. Can you spot them?

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"When I was checking the shots on my camera I zoomed in - and my jaw dropped when I saw the climbers," Pisano explained. "I took another shot to try to portray the gigantic size of the wall and the amazing feat of the climbers."

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Scroll down to see where each of the four climbers are hidden.

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The Dolomite mountains are highly popular for climbers of all backgrounds due to their dramatic scenery and climbing routes ranging from easy to highly challenging, professional-level climbs, with a large number of easily-accessible beginner to moderate level ascents and hikes, the Dolomite Mountains travel website.

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"The great thing about taking pictures is something unexpected always happens," Pisano added. "I had planned to go and find a place to take pictures in the high mountains and catch the sunset - so to get these amazing shots of the climbers right at the end of the day was a random and unexpected surprise."

The Dolomite Mountains are a popular rock-climbing destination, and the climbing paths range from moderate to challenging, according to the tourist site.

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Photo Credit: Caters News Agency via Daily Mail, Umberto Salvagnin/Flickr, Robert J Heath/Flickr


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