Photographer Spots Creepy Surprise In Picture Of Abandoned Motel (Photos)


After a photographer and Reddit user documented a California ghost town, he was shocked by what he found later in a photo of an abandoned motel.

At a quick glance, the photo looks to be of a normal motel that has been abandoned and unused for years.

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But a closer look at one of the rooms reveals something disturbing.

Through the window of one room in the motel, a huge amount of what appears to be blood is splattered all over one of the walls. The horrific scene is visible from all the way across the street.

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Reddit user srslytho reportedly took the picture in the ghost town of Amboy, California. Amboy has been mostly deserted for many years, according to the Mirror.

The photographer decided to take pictures of an old motel that caught his eye, only to notice the blood splatter while looking at the photos later on.

“You should go back and check to see if it’s real blood. At night. By yourself. You’ll be fine,” Reddit user BDeans75 wrote.

Other users pointed out that the blood could be fake, possibly for a movie shoot that may have taken place there. One user said that blood turns brown when it dries, so the blood is either fresh or fake.

"Google says the town has a population of 4, is mostly a tourist destination now, and has been the setting for numerous films," user reddit_in_decline wrote.

"Indeed. The blood wouldn't be red anymore if it were real," user StaigerTiger wrote.

"Maybe it's fresh. Very fresh..." user TheMadPrompter wrote in response.

Sources: MirrorReddit / Photo credit: Imgur

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