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Picture Woman Was Ashamed Of Goes Viral (Photos)

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A blogger learned a lesson about body image and is sharing it with the world.

Olivia White, 28, who runs the blog House of White, said she initially refused to share a certain picture of herself on social media because "I hated the how my stomach looked," the Daily Mail reports.

"As much as I try to be self-confident and be positive about my appearance, it's not just a switch and one day you're completely 110 percent okay with yourself," she confessed. "It's a daily thing, and you have good and bad days ... But you can't stop, especially when you have little eyes watching you."

Finally, she decided to share the image of herself sitting on the beach with her toddler daughter, Teddy.

And she used the opportunity to encourage other mothers to think positive about themselves.

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"You just need to keep reminding yourself every day that you're amazing no matter what anyone else or your own brain tries to trick you into thinking," she said. "This is a beautiful moment between my daughter and I, a memory I want to treasure forever and nothing can ruin that."

After sharing the image and the words of encouragement, White, who lives in Australia, was deluged with responses from around the world.

White wrote that she was "blown away by the response" from other mothers who "felt the same way about themselves in photos and they too had not kept or posted images because they didn't like how they looked."

She added: "Some people of course didn't have the nicest things to say. And some people reminded me that I'm lucky to even have those images and you know what -- they are totally right."

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One response in particular really put things into perspective for her, as she explained in detail:

One of the comments I received was from a mama in the US, she had just lost her two eldest sons ages 18 and 20 in a car accident that month.

She pleaded with me to not care what I ever look like in these images because she regretted that she herself had next to no photos of her with her children for this very same reason.

My heart absolutely broke into a million pieces for her. My eyes began to water and in that moment, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Lesson learned, White closed with a request to all her readers: "I want everyone to go grab their camera, their phones -- whatever you like and take a photo with your beautiful babies. Don't worry about how you look, don't worry how you take it -- just snap a shot of you and your babies for the world to see and don't apologize for it."

The National Eating Disorders Association agrees, noting, "the key to developing positive body image is to recognize and respect our natural shape and learn to overpower those negative thoughts and feelings with positive, affirming, and accepting ones."

Sources: Daily Mail, National Eating Disorders Association / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: House of White via Daily Mail

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