Photo Of Submerged Utility Worker Goes Viral (Photo)


A photo of a Texas utility worker going above and beyond the call of duty is going viral.

When the water line in Andrea Adams' front yard broke, she quickly called the Acton Municipal Utility District for help. Jimmie Cox showed up to fix her water line and the lengths he went to shocked Adams.

"When I walked back outside, the kid was in there," Adams said in disbelief.

The homeowner then took a picture of 23-year-old Cox with the entire upper half of his body submerged in water while he tries to fix the pipe.

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"Then, I posted the photo to Facebook, and within two hours, people in Brazil were commenting," Adams told WFAA.

Jimmie said he was surprised that the photo got so much attention.

"In this line of work, people do it a lot," he told WFAA.

Cox said he took the call to pick up some overtime and when he got to the house and saw water spewing out, he knew he had to do something fast.

He said the hole was about five-and-a-half feet deep. Initially, he went under to try to clamp the pipe, but the break was too severe, so it wasn't working.

"I wasn't even able to get the clampers, so we had to cut it and put a valve on there when it was underwater," Cox said.

Cox said since the photo went viral, he has been getting comments and Facebook messages "asking me, essentially, what the hell I was doing."

Adams said she is thankful that Cox showed up when he did and that she took the photo to show that he goes above and beyond for his work.

"I'm real proud of him," she said.

Sources: WFAA9News / Photo Credit: Andrea Adams via WFAA

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