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Duggar Family Post Creates Controversy (Photo)

The Duggar Family of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" posted a photo to the family Facebook page that drew the ire of commenters.

In the post, the Duggar family showed two of their grandchildren holding Swiffer mops, pretending to clean the floor. It wasn't so much the photo that bothered people, but rather the caption: "Train them young! These little ones love to 'help,'" it read.

Commenters were quick to point out their issues with the word "train" as opposed to a more child-centric word like "teach."

"You train a dog, not a child," wrote one Facebook commenter. "Does Michelle [Duggar] do anything in that house? The girls (never the boys) do the cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc. and Jana raises the children. Very sad."

The commenter was likely referring to instances she saw on the Duggars' reality TV show, "19 Kids and Counting." Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were married in 1984 and had their first child in 1988, according to their official family website. Michelle was using a birth control pill but still became pregnant. After a miscarriage, the couple decided to swear off contraceptives. They now have 19 children.

Another commenter noticed a starkly different situation while watching the show, and came to the Duggars' defense.

"The boys do plenty of the chores (they call them jurisdictions)," the commenter replied. "I've seen the boys clean floors, do dishes, organize their substantial pantry, wash bathrooms, and take out trash. Case in point from the referenced photo, Spurgeon is a boy and he's cleaning."

Still, others found the post to be disturbing.

"Teaching them to be their parent's little slave," wrote one user. "Just wait until they are doing all of the chores!! They wont want to help like my child does because they will be required to do this!!"

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"This infuriates me," wrote another. "You bring kids into the world not to be your housekeepers, a babysitter, etc. Kids this age should be playing! Kids weren't put on this earth to raise there siblings."

Regardless of the negativity on the post, many people saw the photo as heartwarming and a representation of their own children at home.

"My sweet 17 month old wants to help," offered a commenter. "So I TRAIN her to help. She claps her precious little hands together everytime she wipes something up, throws something away, or puts dishes in the cabinets. She is joyful when helping. Why deny her that? These babies are having a great time together, so glad you shared."

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