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Melania Trump Dress Sparks Controversy (Photo)

Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana sparked controversy after uploading a New Year's Eve Instagram photo of Melania Trump donning the designer's dress.

"#DGWoman" was one of the hashtags Gabbana wrote under the picture, upsetting many who criticized him. 

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"I'm sure Eva Braun would have also made a great #DG woman!," one person wrote. "Dressing fascist racists is nothing to be proud of, ask Hugo Boss and Nazi lover Coco Chanel."

“Sad when a gay designer doesn’t care about other groups being repressed," wrote another user.

However, Gabbana was quick to shoot back at his critics, calling them "ignorant."

“Don’t call me gay please!!" he said in response. "Im a man!!! Who I love its my private life!!!"
Not everybody was critical, however.
"Thank you for standing up for your beliefs and not given into the will of the scoundrels," wrote one supporter.

"Bravo!" another person added. "A beautiful dress for a beautiful woman. Thank you for having the guts to stand up to the haters. I love your clothes and will continue to buy them."

The controversy is just one of many in the world of fashion at the moment, with many torn over whether or not to support dressing President-elect Donald Trump and his wife in their clothes.

"Personally, I’d rather put my energy into helping out those who will be hurt by [Donald] Trump and his supporters," said Marc Jacobs, who refuses to dress her, reports WWD.

Other designers who do not support Trump, however, have a different view.

"Just because she’s shown wearing a designer does not mean that designer is endorsing her, her husband or any of their beliefs," said Cynthia Rowley. 

"Checking someone’s ethical beliefs before they’re allowed to purchase, sets up an exclusionary dynamic that feeds into the exact mentality that is preventing us from moving forward in a positive direction."

Meanwhile, some designers have full on expressed both their enthusiasm and support for -- at least -- dressing Trump's wife.

"Yes I would dress Melania," said Tommy Hilfiger. "I think she is a beautiful woman who would make any designer’s clothes look great."

"Out of respect for the position of the first lady of our United States, I would be honored to be considered to design for any first lady of the United States," Thom Browne added.

Sources: Stefano Gabanna/InstagramWWD /Photo Credit: Stefano Gabbana/Instagram

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