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Matthew Broderick's Picture Goes Viral (Photo)

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Matthew Broderick's Picture Goes Viral (Photo) Promo Image

Seeing a glimpse of a famous personality out of the blue can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. This is exactly the story one Twitter user gave when he took to social media to tell the tale of how his best friend met one of his favorite actors.

He told of how his friend had bumped into actor Matthew Broderick absolutely randomly in a convenience store in the vacation town of Montauk, New York. The "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off" actor was spotted by the man while he was in the shop grabbing some groceries with a friend. The man asked if he could take a picture of the celebrity with his young daughter.

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He explained the story as, “A few years ago a friend of mine took his family out to Montauk on vacation and had stopped at a little store to get snacks, etc, and who do they see but that Star of Stage and Screen, Matthew Broderick also in the store with a friend,” he wrote.

“So my friend politely asks Broderick if he will take a photo with his daughter. Broderick gallantly obliges, but this is a once in a lifetime photo and he wants it to be just right so he asks Broderick’s friend to kind of move to the side a bit out of frame … and he moves a bit. And my friend says, ‘just a little more, a little more’, keeps doing the nudging motion with his hand."

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He continues: “Lots of nudging. Okay, he won’t move any farther, fine, we can crop him out ... and they take the picture and go back to the car all big grins to the rest of the family, who all shout in unison WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??”

According to the story, when the friend ever-so-politely asked the friend of the star to shift aside for the picture, the random man moved a little. But at one point the “random man” refused to move any farther away. It was then the man told himself he would crop the actor's friend out of the picture at a later date.

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It was only after the man had unknowingly cropped of the picture of Matthew Broderick’s friend and proudly showed the picture of his daughter with one his favorite actors of all time, and showed the picture to his friends, that he finally realized his mistake.

As it so turns out that the “random man” in the picture, who was referred as “Matthew Broderick’s friend” was none other than the famous celebrity, stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer and director Jerry Seinfeld.

It was the same Jerry Seinfeld who was no less than a household name in the same era as Broderick because of his widely popular and long-running television sitcom, "Seinfeld," which won a whooping eleven Emmy Awards along with three Golden Globes.

The child got a picture with two celebrities, not just one, and for most people, this kind of luck does not happen but once in a blue moon.

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