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Man Feeds Girlfriend Chicken Nuggets, Image Goes Viral (Photos)

Man Feeds Girlfriend Chicken Nuggets, Image Goes Viral (Photos) Promo Image

Twitter users are having a field day with a photo showing a man feeding his girlfriend chicken nuggets while she gets her manicure professionally done.

Lea Adame, a 19-year-old from Orange County, California, was at a local nail salon when she overheard a "cute" conversation, according to BuzzFeed News. A man was introducing his new girlfriend to his mother, who works as a manicurist at the salon.

When she looked over, she saw the man's mother doing his girlfriend's nails. On top of that, he was hand-feeding her chicken nuggets so she wouldn't ruin her nails. Impressed, Adame snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter.

"A guy at the salon is straight up feeding his girl chicken nuggets while she gets her nails done that's the kind of love & support I need," she captioned the photo.

The photo quickly went viral, garnering over 29,000 retweets and 80,000 likes in five days. 

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"It was so cute ... he was a keeper," Adame said of the encounter. "What guy will go to a nail salon with a girl, let alone will feed her food while there?"

The couple, 23-year-old Aubrey Yip and 25-year-old Sam Huynh, have called their new internet fame "absolutely fun."

The two have been dating for two months and Huynh confirmed that he brought his girlfriend to the salon to introduce her to his mother.

"It was super exciting because Aubrey needed her nails done for her competition and it was the perfect chance to meet my mom and surprise her with news and some flowers," he said.

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Yip was getting a manicure to prepare for a powerlifting competition, according to the Daily Mail. 

"Sam was feeding me because I had just weighed in for a powerlifting competition and needed to eat throughout the day to prepare," she said. "He knows I love nuggets."

Huynh even had all four of Yip's favorite chicken nugget sauces laid out on the table. Before feeding her, he would ask which sauce she wanted each nugget dipped in.

"Friends have been telling me that I’ve raised the bar for boyfriends and asked how I’m going to top this," said Huynh.

Yip tweeted at Adame, thanking her for capturing the candid moment. She said that she's glad the world is recognizing Huynh for his sweet and kind gesture.

"Everyone has different goals and standards for their relationship, but I'm thankful that people are appreciating what Sam does for me," she said. "I know I do."

Sources: BuzzFeed News, Daily Mail / Featured Images: Ryan Basilio/Flickr / Embedded Images: Twitter via BuzzFeed NewsInstagram via BuzzFeed News

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