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Photo With Kardashians Goes Viral For The Most Unexpected Reason (Photos)

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A photo pairing the Kardashians with an Army veteran went viral, sending a strong and important message in the process.

Stephen Savage took to Facebook to recognize Monica Lin Brown, a specialist in the Army, alongside a photo of the Kardashians to help prove his point.

“A fact. The women on the left... I know they are Kardashians (I don't live under a rock, after all), and I know they do something... but I'm not sure which of them is which, nor what it is they actually do,” Savage wrote. “But I do know who the young woman on the right is. Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown.”

Savage went on to say that Brown was the first woman in Afghanistan, and the second since World War II, to receive the Silver Star — the country’s third-highest medal for valor. 

“Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown, after an explosion, which wounded five soldiers in her unit, ran through insurgent gunfire and used her body to shield wounded comrades as mortars fell less than 100 yards away, the military said,” he wrote.

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“Medical aid rendered under fire saved all five of her comrades. Now, technically, US female soldiers aren't supposed to participate in combat, but someone forgot to tell that to the Specialist.”

Savage concluded his post with a sentence that summed up his powerful message.

“I think I'm OK with not knowing the other ladies,” he wrote. 

Savage’s post quickly went viral after it was originally shared, garnering over 280,000 shares on Facebook. 

“Thank you young lady for your service..and continuous pride in protect us,” one viewer wrote. 

“Thank God for this reminder that there are still other women out there who add true values to people's lives, other than the ones who do nothing else but display their body parts on social media all day long!” another added. 

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