Ivanka's Baby Son's Hair Draws Attention In Viral Pic (Photos)

First Daughter Ivanka Trump posted a picture of her 11-month-old baby son, Theodore, on social media Feb. 19, and people immediately started comparing the baby's hair to that of his grandpa, President Donald Trump.

The picture depicts her son on top of a stuffed elephant -- the symbol of the Republican party. Her caption for the post reads: "Sunday morning #mood."

Theodore James Kushner is sporting a broad smile and a wild head of hair. He has been the center of attention on his mother's Instagram since his grandfather's inauguration, the Daily Mail reports. 

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The Kushner-Trump baby is wearing blue pajamas that have teddy bear elbow patches, and a pair of white house slippers on his feet. 

Many of Ivanka's followers on Instagram took note of the baby's hair, which is unique, like his grandfather's. 

"Crazy hair!! Love it," said one Instagram user. 

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Another saw a similarity between the tot's hair and that of the president: "Grandpa's hair!"

Theodore crawled for the first time on the floor of the White House in January -- an act commemorated via video on social media to the delight of Ivanka's fans. 

According to The Telegraph, Ivanka had written: "There were so many incredible milestones this past weekend -- including one for baby Theodore who crawled for the very first time in the White House!"

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The first daughter's family moved to Washington, D.C., in January so that her husband, Jared Kushner, could carry out his unpaid job as a senior adviser to Donald in the White House.

The family is living in the same posh area of the nation's capital as the Obamas -- that is, the high-end neighborhood of Kalorama. 

The two families will occupy a space only a few hundred yards from each other in the tree-laden district where many ambassadors and politicians live. 

The Obamas decided to stay in the nation's capital so that their daughter, Sasha, could complete her studies in her current high school.

Ivanka, in the meantime, is increasingly detaching herself from her business projects as she is prepared to handle more work in connection with her father.  

The young Kushner-Trump baby will have his first birthday on Feb. 27. 

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Ivanka Trump/Twitter via NBC News, Ivanka Trump/Instagram via Daily Mail

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