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Ivanka Trump's Pictures With Merkel Cause Stir (Photos)

Another photo of Ivanka Trump is going viral with many calling it inappropriate yet again -- but this time, it's not because of her outfit.

In the controversial picture, the 35-year-old daughter of the president is sitting alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Honored to join [Donald Trump], Chancellor Merkel and CEOs of US and German companies in a robust discussion on #WorkforceDevelopment," tweeted Ivanka at the time.

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The meeting sparked widespread criticism, with many asking why Ivanka -- who was no official role in the Trump administration -- was even present.

"There is no earthly reason why Ivanka Trump belongs in a meeting with a foreign leader, let alone seated immediately beside them," tweeted Matt McDermott, a senior analyst at Whitman Insight Strategies. "Imagine if Hillary Clinton met with Merkel and Chelsea Clinton was seated next to her for official meeting. You can't. It's unimaginable."

"The key relation btw #Germany & #USA is a serious matter," added Siegfried Muresan, European Parliament member. "It shall not be family business. I disagree with #Ivanka #Trump presence. #Merkel"

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It wasn't just experts who were upset; many members of the public expressed outrage.

"The Presidency is not a hereditary monarchy where power gets inherited by one's offspring, no matter how much Trump seems to be trying for that result," wrote one Facebook user on PopSugar's article about the meeting.

"[H]aving his daughter attend ... only invites conflict of interest motives that have nothing to do with world affairs, but more to do with the marketing of his daughter and her products," added another.

Some, however, defended Ivanka's presence at the meeting.

"As a successful business woman, she brings a very relevant perspective," wrote one person.

"While I don't believe that Ivanka belonged there from a protocol standpoint, I believe that she was the smartest and most politically neutral American representative in the room," chimed in another. "Yes she is 'just the daughter' of the President, but I trust her judgment more than anybody else in the administration. She brings common sense to the table."

"She is smart, educated (not the same thing), a member of the next generation to run the world, business leader who meets a payroll, and may be acting as a buffer of sorts between the President and Chancellor," a third person commented. "Along the same theme how many of you crows would have objected to JFK hiring RFK as Atty General, it was his brother."

Sources: Ivanka Trump/Twitter, Matt McDermott/Twitter, Siegfried Muresan/Twitter, PopSugar / Photo Credit: Marc Nozell/Wikimedia Commons

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