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Photo Of Injured Volunteer Deputy Goes Viral (Photo)

Photo Of Injured Volunteer Deputy Goes Viral (Photo) Promo Image

A photo of an injured volunteer deputy in Texas has gone viral.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputy Major Jimmy Rollins was left bloodied after responding to a domestic violence call, KHOU reported. He is a reserve deputy, meaning he works for free.

"We play the same role as a full-time deputy, except that we don’t get paid. There’s really no difference other than a paycheck," Rollins said.

Rollins has reportedly volunteered with the Harris County Sheriff's Department for 32 years now. The county is said to have the second-largest reserve program in the United States, with 200 volunteer deputies.

"Man, I just think it’s something that’s in your heart. If it’s not in your heart, I don’t think you’ll do it," Rollins explained.

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Several social media users praised Rollins for his volunteer work as a reserve deputy.

"I had no idea that we have VOUNTEER police officers! (About 200 in Harris County) Now that's dedication!" wrote one Facebook user. "Thank you!"

"Thank you for keeping us safe," wrote another. "Continued prayers for all Law Enforcement Officers."

"Bravo to you sir for standing up for what is right in your community," another user wrote.

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"Thank You for everything you do to keep us safe ... You're All Appreciated," added another.

"Thank you Deputy for protecting our city," wrote another commenter.

"God bless him and his service," wrote another.

Chief Deputy of Harris County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Command David Deleon spoke about the merits of being a volunteer deputy.

"We’re doing this in a profession right now that’s probably not the most popular profession this day and age," Deleon, who has been a volunteer for 25 years, told the news station. "We have people who are willing to do this for free because they believe in it."

The suspect accused of assaulting Major Rollins was identified as Israel Meza. He is now facing charges of aggravated assault on a peace officer.

According to Twitter account "Back The Blue," Rollins was protecting a woman and her children from Meza during the encounter.

"HARRIS County Sheriff Reserve Deputy Major Rollins Had A Rough Day," the tweet read. "He Helped Protect A Woman and Her Kids From A Man Assaulting Her. Major Rollins Did His Job, He Answered The Call. He VOLUNTEERS His Time and Services In His Community To Which He Receives NO PAY."

Details on the domestic call response have not yet been confirmed by the news station. The photo of Rollins was reportedly shared more than 14,000 times.

Sources: KHOU, Harris County Sheriff's Department/Facebook, Back The Blue/Twitter / Featured Image: Commons / Embedded Images: KHOU

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