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Photo Of Cop Parked In Handicap Spot Goes Viral

A photo of a police car parked in a spot designated for handicap patrons of an IHOP in Lafayette, Indiana, has gone viral. 

The image, which was posted to Reddit by a user TheToolMan, was captioned “My local police must be responding to a pancake emergency.”

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TheToolMan also claimed the officer who took the parking spot was inside the restaurant having breakfast.

Lafayette Police Department Chief Patrick J. Flannelly in Indiana told WTTV “It was incredibly disappointing to see the image and embarrassing to our agency.  Outside of an officer responding to the business for life saving action there is no reason for a police car to be parked in that spot, period.” 

Chief Flannelly said that the officer who parked the police vehicle was not there on official business. The unidentified officer told his leader that he didn’t realize it was a handicap parking spot and was embarrassed by his mistake and apologized.

The Lafayette Police Department noted that the space was improperly marked and determined that the officer had made a mistake.

The photo has already been viewed over a million times.

Sources: WTTV, Reddit Image via Reddit


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