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Bride Breastfeeds In Wedding Gown (Photo)

A new mother generated considerable attention after sharing on social media a photograph of herself breastfeeding in her wedding dress.

Anecia Wright, a 22-year-old first-time mom from Jacksonville, North Carolina, said she hoped to help normalize breastfeeding -- especially among black women, reports the Daily Mail. She shared the picture on the Black Women Facebook page, where it has attracted about 30,000 likes.

"Breastfeeding as a black woman is a huge deal," she explains. "In the old days black women were forced to nurse their masters' children. So because of this reason a lot of older black women consider breastfeeding a disgrace. So many black woken are stuck in this idea and this concept."

Breastfeeding selflies -- “brelfies”  -- have been encouraged by the United Nations, which contends that it could help overcome the stigma about breastfeeding in public, while also stressing the importance of a mother's milk, Reuters reports.

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Wright also said that breastfeeding was important to her because she initially faced lactation problems after the birth of her son, Jayce.

He began breastfeeding immediately, she explained, but started losing weight after only a few days.

"They told me my son had to be hospitalized because my milk didn't fully come in. Those words crushed my whole entire world. My heart shattered. I had been starving my son this whole time," she said.

After working with a lactation consultant, Wright was able to begin successfully feed her son, who is now 4 months old. It was divine intervention, she said: "God answered my prayers and me and my son have been going hard ever since."

She decided to nurse on her wedding day because "nursing is a part of me and all my friends and family know that, so even though my wedding day is [a] big deal it's no reason why I wouldn't nurse on my big day," she explained. She even "made sure my breast would be easily accessible" when choosing her wedding dress.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reuters / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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