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Photo Of Black Police Officer Helping Ailing KKK Member Goes Viral (Photos)

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A moving photo of a black police officer in South Carolina helping a KKK member who suffered from heat exhaustion went viral this week.

The photo, taken during a white supremacist rally at the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, shows police officer Leroy Smith helping a protester suffering from heat exhaustion up the stairs and out of the sun.

The protester is seen wearing a National Socialist movement t-shirt. 

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The photo quickly went viral after it was posted to Reddit, with many praising the officer for his actions in the face of such racism.

“This is how you beat racism, slowly, with grace,” one viewer wrote on Reddit. "Not by banning the right to say hateful things but by proving them wrong.”

“You utterly destroy an enemy when you make them your friend,” another added.

Sources: Metro, Time / Photo credit:


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