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Petite Russian Gymnasts Blow Crowd Away With Their Gravity Defying Dance (Video)

These three young, Russian women have gone viral for their astonishing routine at the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships 2010 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Aigul Shaikhutdinova, Ekaterina Loginova, Ekaterina Stroynova totally blew the crowd away with their awesome dance, incredible flexibility and strength.

In the video, the gymnasts seem to defy the laws of gravity and physics. At 1:13, one YouTube commenter said, “I understood why they beat Ukraine... still don't know how the British won 2nd though.”

“How did they get a 9.5? That was perfect. I never understood the scoring of gymnastics," another viewer commented.

Check out their dance routine below:

While the Russian team ended up leaving the competition with the most medals, this was the only gold medal they received, according to the San Francisco Globe.

Brian Kincher, who posted the video to YouTube, explains:

As with any judged sport, many factors go into the score. In Acrobatic Gymnastics, there are categories for difficulty, execution, and artistry. You can score up to 10 in each ( and sometimes more in difficulty) totaling up to 30. I really loved the originality of the Ukraine trio, but there is no denying that this trio have little to no deductions and flies really high! They were on top of the podium at the end.

H/t: Rare / Sources: San Francisco Globe / Photo Credit: Brian Kincher/YouTube


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