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'Unite The Right' Protester Fired From Gym (Photos)

Atlanta Gym: 'No Cops' Allowed (Video) Promo Image

A St. Louis, Missouri, gym fired one of its personal trainers after they recognized him in a photo of a Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacist that went viral.

A photo of Lab Gym trainer Bobby Ritter was the main image for a Vox article about the Aug. 14 Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, reports the Daily Mail.

After the picture was shared widely, clients and co-workers spotted Ritter's tattoo in the crowd of white supremacists.

"After careful consideration, the Lab Gym has severed working relations with Bobby Ritter," Lab Gym owner Justin Thacker said. "There has been questions, concerns, and some evidence to part ways based on differences concerning important core principles that are innate to the Lab Gym and it's mission."

Since his public termination, Ritter has deleted all of his personal and professional social media accounts.

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Those who knew him at the gym say he was a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

Ritter is just one of many Unite The Right rally protesters who are now being shamed.

Another is Clark Canepa, who had been filmed marching and chanting, "You will not replace us!"

Canepa later uploaded a photo of himself with friends at the rally that sparked controversy.

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"It was a weekend for the books with the St. Louis goys," Canepa wrote in the caption, referring to the Yiddish word for non-Jews.

He defended his actions even after the picture was shared widely.

“It was a fantastic time," he said, KMOV reports. "Unfortunately, the left wing violence wasn't prevented by the police."

"I attended the rally because the political organization I am with, Identify Evropa, encouraged us to go in support to protest the removal of American History monuments, in this case, the Robert E Lee statue," he later added.

One of his friends in the picture, 21-year-old Zach Morley, also captured some attention.

However, Morley has spoken out against critics.

"If you insinuate that I hate anyone on account of their race or sympathize with neo nazis (of which there is zero evidence) you will be sued for defamation," Morley told a reporter.

"It's very saddening that we live in such a rabidly divisive society where self-proclaimed "liberals" are in reality so desperate and closed minded so as to engage in violence, defamation, and lies against those like myself trying to foster dialogue of diverse ideas," he added. "Character slurs such as 'racist' and 'neo-Nazi' are last ditch attempts from a perishing ideology of global secular humanism."

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