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'Perfect Crime': Here's How To Steal Pizza Without Your Friends Realizing (Video)

When it comes to sharing food, sometimes we get a little greedy. This instructional video shows you how take an extra slice of pizza for yourself without your friends noticing and calling you a fat monster.

DaveHax, a genius YouTuber who shares household hacks on his channel, shows us a simple party trick that will allow you to steal ample slices of pizza without your guests knowing.

The first step is to cut a strip from the middle of the pizza. Next, push the remaining sections back together and rotate it. Then, cut another strip from the other way. Put the smaller pizza back together again, then cut slices normally and leave the extra bits for yourself.

In the video description, DaveHax writes: “Clever trick to help make sure you don't go hungry. Ideal if you've made the perfect pizza and you're supposed to be sharing it with friends at a party.”

Congratulations on committing “the perfect crime.” Enjoy that cheesy goodness and watch the video below:

Sources: FoxNews.comDaveHax/YouTube


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