People Try To Fry Turkeys, Fail Miserably (Video)

Most people know they're supposed to slowly cook a turkey in an oven, but there are some who have tried to fry turkeys with unconventional means and failed miserably (videos below).

Uproxx.com recently assembled YouTube clips of these disasters, along with some helpful warnings for folks on Thanksgiving who are considering putting their lives on the line for a cooked bird.

In case you're laughing too hard at the videos and miss the tips, they include: Do not light your fryer on fire before frying a turkey; Don't over fill your fryer with oil; Always defrost the turkey before frying it; Do not use a homemade turkey fryer; Wear shoes before you accidentally turn your turkey into a fireball; Do not fry on a wooden deck; And never use water to put out an oil-based fire (can you guess why?).

Sources: Uproxx.com, YouTube (2) (3) (4) / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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