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Sean Spicer Wears Mismatched Footwear At News Briefing (Photos)

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Press Secretary Sean Spicer was captured in a photo atop a New York Times article March 13 that seemed to depict him wearing mismatched shoes.

The article discussed the Republican health care bill and its recent dissection by the Congressional Budget Office. The CBO determined that 24 million people would lose insurance in the coming decade, but $337 billion would be trimmed from the deficit over the same time period.

The photo shows Spicer standing behind Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and Budget Secretary to President Donald Trump, Mike Mulvaney. Spicer's hands are folded in front of him.

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Upon a second glance, it seems that Spicer is wearing two different kinds of shoes: a brown shoe on his left foot and a black shoe on his right foot. Reactions on Twitter ranged from curiosity to mockery.

"What is going on with Spicy's shoes here?" wrote Ana Marie Cox, a contributor to MTV News and The New York Times.

"Can anyone explain what is going on with Sean Spicer's shoes in this picture from New York Times?" asked Gregor Stuart Hunter from The Wall Street Journal.

"Is Spicer wearing mismatched shoes? Clearly this is another cry for help," wrote another user.

Talia Jane from Mic wanted to know: "[Did] Sean Spicer lose one of his shoes and if so why and also how."

Upon closer look, however, it appears that Spicer is not actually wearing two different shoes, but rather wearing what looks like an orthopedic boot on his right foot. There was no immediate reason or explanation as to why Spicer was wearing something other than the matching brown shoe on his right foot.

Fact-checking website Snopes investigated the issue further, coming to the conclusion that it was, in fact, a medical shoe on Spicer's right foot, rather than an odd fashion choice. They provided video stills as evidence to show the boot, which also show a navy blue sock in the toe opening.

Spicer answered questions about Trump's assertions of wiretapping by the previous administration March 14, as well as fielded questions about the Republican health care plan, according to CNN.

Price, Mulvaney, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spent time answering questions about the health care bill in previous days. The bill, introduced by the House in Congress, faces an uphill climb to gain approval by the Senate. House and Senate Democrats, as well as a few Republicans, have voiced their displeasure with the bill.

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